Excerpt from Ch. 14 of Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

The heat flash should be my first warning of an oncoming fit of lunar madness, but it’s a commercial break that sets me off. The volume of the ad is much louder than the show that was just on, and the sudden explosion of sound pushes a growl from my throat. Brandon sits up from where he lays on the floor, spinning his head to look at me. He’s up and out of the room like a shot, dashing into the kitchen.

Mom asks, “What is it?”

“Alice freaked out again,” Brandon says.

Two seconds later, Mom and Dad are watching me from the door, and I know I need to leave.

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Things that don’t exist 

This is beautiful and also makes me very uncomfortable.

These are awesome. 

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The physics of employment:

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That’s disgusting.

Well done society.

Well done.




I swear if this gets any more notes then I fear for the next generation.


Dear God

448, 916

449,456 thanks world

449,510.  This is what we do to each other.

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Review: In Distress (Superpowered Love #6) by Katey Hawthorne


Review: In Distress (Superpowered Love #6) by Katey Hawthorne

Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

KH_indistress_coverlg_1Hopeless romantic and total geek Eddie Kim continues to dream that his knight in shining armor will show up one day to carry him away for a beautiful future together.  But until that happens, Eddie hangs out with his best friends Kavita and Stacy playing D & D, moons over GoT’s Jon Snow and dreams of new scribblings for Morning Gloria’s sandwich board, the beanery…

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Photo by:A.S Nagpal

"Paint War Engagement Session"

oh my fucking god i can’t even take how cute this is

do fucking want

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I follow Shaenon Garrity’s comics fairly religiously, but it was still Tumblr that alerted me to the existence of this (good, if sad) one. Shaenon’s website has more of her comics listed (though not this one even though the original file is on the site). And I have to mention that she is the creator of Monster of the Week and Skin Horse which I have plugged before.

Tip of the hat to SeananMcGuire and Brinstar for finding this.

I’d dropped Shaenon a line asking if she’d mind if I cut up the comic I previously blogged to make it more tumblr friendly, but I see I’m behind the curve here. Hurrah, etc.

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rdarkstorm asked: Hey Zoe, giving you a follow cos I miss you on the Facebook (and I'm never on twitter anymore).

Um…awkward, cause I rarely use Tumblr. Twitter’s like the only social app I use anymore. Facebook is too…too Facebook, and Tumblr is like another blog, so I’m never sure what to do with it. =^( But damn, I miss you. (;_;)